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HSLAW, is a Law Firm, established in Brazil, and recognized nationally and internationally for its firm performance in complex causes in all jurisdictions, being guided by a solid advocacy and specialized in strategic litigation and in crises prevention, management and confrontation, with the special concern to ensure a service of excellence in favor of the defense of the freedoms and rights entrusted to it by their clients.

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Annually certified as a reference in the legal market by “Top Quality Brazil”, in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, by CICESP, this Law firm was founded in 1977 by the lawyer and Honoris Causa Professor, Dr. Mario Jackson Sayeg (in memorian).

HSLAW is led by lawyer and Full Professor of PUCSP, Dr. Ricardo Sayeg, and it’s under the guidance of its mentors, Dr. Henrique Nelson Calandra, Retired Appeals Judge of the São Paulo State Court of Appeals and Dr. Celso D ́Avila, one of the more respected members of the legal community of Brasília; while also being managed by the experienced and respected Lawyers Dr. Márcio Sayeg, Dr. Beatriz Novaes and Dr. Rodrigo Venturole; operating throughout the country and abroad under the command of Dr. Rodrigo Sayeg, Master cum laude in American Law by the California Western School of Law and winner of the Zuckerman Award for academic excellence.

HSLAW counts on a specialized team of prepared, experienced and respected professionals, that have a militant, combative, diplomatic and academic profile, and is supported by the forensic experts, auditors and consultants of Grant Thornton, a century-old British multinational company, one of the global leaders in its segment that operates in 140 countries and with more than 50,000 employees.

It is appropriately structured, with headquarters in São Paulo and Brasília, with a digital and technological framework supported by the multinational company Thomson Reuters.

This Law Firm achieved prominence and renown in the legal field for developing solid and innovative theses that build modern jurisprudence and are recognized in the academic sphere. This law firm also prides itself for its academic involvement in the development and affirmation of rights and freedoms, having a particular commitment to education from the highest levels of knowledge of law, doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s degree with PUCSP, to the public schools as seen by the affective adoption of the State Public School of Fundamental Education Godofredo Furtado, which cares for hundreds of children and adolescents.


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Certificate and Jurist of the Year Medal – 2017

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Certification Seals Top of Mind – 2016 to 2020