HSLAW, is a Law Firm, established in Brazil, and recognized nationally and internationally for its firm performance in complex causes in all jurisdictions, being guided by a solid advocacy and specialized in strategic litigation and in crises prevention, management and confrontation, with the special concern to ensure a service of excellence in favor of the defense of the freedoms and rights entrusted to it by their clients.


To promote justice and defend people’s 
Rights and Freedom.


Being an Architect of a Free, Just 
and Solidary Society.


Focus, Ethics, Dedication, Study, 
Diplomacy, Combativeness, Fearlessness and Humanism.

Leading Lawyers

Ricardo Sayeg
Henrique Calandra
Márcio Sayeg
Beatriz Novaes
Rodrigo Venturole
Rodrigo Sayeg
Certification Seals Top of Mind – 2016 to 2020