Inspired by its founder, the late Dr. Mário Jackson Sayeg, Professor “Honoris Causa”, and Paul Harris companion of the Rotary International Foundation, who supported the global fight for polio eradication, HSLAW and its partners recognize their social and environmental responsibilities, diligently fulfilling their civic duties with concrete actions.
In the area of Human Rights, HSLAW is the maintainer of the Humanist Capitalism Institute (ICapH), which aims to collaborate in the constitutional mission of building a Fraternal Society and defending the global propagation of legal humanism, as well as, its partner Dr. Ricardo Sayeg was the founder and 1st President of the Human Rights Commission of the São Paulo Lawyers Institute (IASP).

In the area of public health, HSLAW supports GRAAC, an institution that cares for children and adolescents going through cancer treatment, as well as supporting the cutting-edge research to combat the Covid-19 pandemic led by Professor Doctor Willian Saad of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine.

In the area of basic education, HSLAW supports the State Public School “EE Godofredo Furtado”, which provides public and free education, elementary and high school, for the benefit of hundreds of children and adolescents.

As for university education, HSLAW partner, Professor Ricardo Sayeg, has been contributing for 30 years at the PUCSP Law School, as Coordinator and Professor in the Area of Economic Law and in the Masters and Doctorates degree programs at the Center of Human Rights and Law Philosophy.

For the preservation of the national legal culture, Professor Ricardo Sayeg holds Chair 32 of the São Paulo Academy of Law.

Together with the Ministry of Education, he also contributes as an unpaid member of the Superior Council of CAPES, a government agency that structures and organizes the Master and Doctorate Degrees Systems throughout the country, promoting scientific and academic research.

In the area of national development, he also contributes as an unpaid member of the Superior Council for Legal Affairs of FIESP.

For the strengthening of the Brazilian Lawyer Association – OAB, he also made his contribution as a Sectional Counselor, President of the OAB “go to college” Commission, and a member of the Professional Prerogatives Commission, along with several times acting as an entity attorney to assist fellow lawyers who are victims of violation of their prerogatives.